firefox 78 can force https! no need for addon
better mpv defaults

* no fullscreen when on exwm

* use lower resolution video where possible

* auto select subtitles
set default umask
fix scrolling in firefox 78
revert back to exwm

i'll return to ratpoison next week... xD

tbh i prefer exwm by a lot, but if i find any issues with my new
workflow i'll be returning to ratpoison
set default browser to firefox for now

ideally emacs would ask me each time, i'll look into it later...
use SBCL as inferior-lisp-program
update email address
return back to ratpoison 🐀
add a sane vimrc that ignores the system one
use NO_COLOR=1

so many tools use ANSI colour codes, but they often mess something up.
this reduces that, for example ffmpeg doesn't break my prompt anymore
with NO_COLOR=1

as someone with (diagnosed) dyslexia, colour output helps in so many
ways, but more and more people are using colour at random. i'm slowly
finding alternative ways to highlight important stuff or making tools
output in a way that makes it difficult to mess up reading the output.
switch to iosevka fixed

this version doesn't have ligatures

also, using the 'unhinted' verient is clearer!
ensure $EDITOR and $VISUAL are set
remove decentraleyes

since install this addon has intercepted *very* few requests, uBlock
Origin has done the real hard yards, so no point installing another
addon that increases overall risk (i.e. the more you run, the bigger
the attack surface)
significantly reduce flicker on xinit
always use git status --short
don't force colour in grep

using --color=always breaks pipes
reduce bash config

* run bash as /bin/sh so it sources $ENV

* remove fancy completion i get accustomed to 'normal' bash

* delete ~/.bashrc
slightly more lispy 'alsactl'
switch from 'brightnessctl' to 'light'