Merge the three seperate config repos back together
add FIXME section to README.rst
add qbit's blog, use https
finally get mozc working!
rework shell configs
unbind irc function, rename start-elfeed to rss
switch to elfeed from newsboat
remove irc function, don't auto join channels

if you auto join channels, and live in a country with bad internet, you are
liable to get banned. -_- Apparently people haven't learned about hiding parts,
joins, and quits yet, so they ban you instead. 🎉
highlight FIXMEs &c, add function byte-compile-directory
change load-path, use require instead of autoload
add some vim filetype modelines
use colrm to get git branch name

since this is a bashrc, coreutils is probably installed
revert last commit, circe was extreamly unpleasant
initial switch to circe
fix cmus status_display_program location
remove useless cats & echo, satisfy shellcheck
better C config, add nasm-mode
return of the bash
more IRC channels