A hare library for a simple configuration file format
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This package provides scfg support for Hare.

#Provided modules

  • format::scfg: scfg primitives and scanning support.

An example is provided in the "cmd" directory.


#From your distribution

The recommended name for this package is "hare-scfg". Look for this, or something similar, in your local package manager. This is the preferred way to install this package.

#System-wide installation

make install


git subtree -P vendor/hare-scfg/ add https://git.sr.ht/~chrisppy/hare-scfg main


All contributors are required to "sign-off" their commits (using git commit -s) to indicate that they have agreed to the Developer Certificate of Origin:

Please send patches to my public-inbox to send your changes upstream.


Like the Hare standard library, this library is available under the terms of the Mozilla Public License (MPL). You can freely link to the standard library with software distributed under any license, but if you modify the library, you must release your derivative works under the MPL as well.