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8e6595ccChris Palmer update to go-gemini 0.2.0 1 year, 6 months ago




  • BREAKING CHANGE: the minimum go version has been moved to 1.16
  • BREAKING CHANGE: The config.toml file has been deprecated and replaced with a SCFG based config file to provide better file validation and a cleaner format
  • Update minimum version to Go 1.15
  • Update to cview 1.5.3
  • Update to cbind 0.1.4
  • Update to tcell 2.2.0
  • Added dependency go-gemini
  • Added dependency go-scfg
  • Added dependency go-opml
  • Added dependency go-barefeed
  • Added dependency go-appdir
  • Added dependency getopt
  • Removed dependency go-toml
  • Changed from using environment variables to POSIX Flags
  • Added support for feeds using the gemini protocol
  • Added import command to import an OPML file
  • Added export command to export an OPML file
  • Added backup command to save all data to a barefeed file
  • Added restore command to clear the database and re-add data from a barefeed file
  • Updated list to remove refresh, now adds and removes in place
  • Updated tree to remove refresh, now adds and removes in place
  • Hide now returns a not yet implemented error until it is re-added
  • Unhide now returns a not yet implemented error until it is re-added
  • Content pages now update from the onChange commands from cview native transforms
  • Stop locking the application when a webpage is opened
  • Duplicate instances of ui elements removed
  • Combo keys are now supported within the config
  • HTML is no longer saved into the database, only raw text
  • man pages have been cleaned up

#[0.2.0] - 2020-10-05


  • BREAKING CHANGE: Database schema has been changed this will require deleting the database and starting anew
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Database now defaults to XDG_DATA_HOME, since XDG_CACHE_HOME should be for tmp files
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Config file has changed its structure, either adapt it based on man pages or delete and let beagles regenerate it
  • Added subscription Page
    • Added tree to config
    • Added unread key command to config
    • Added Mark all (un)read key commands to config
    • Added un(hide) commands
  • Added favorite page
    • Added favorite to item struct
    • Added unfavorite/favorite key command to config
  • Added podcast capability
    • Added download podcast capability
    • Added download key command to config
    • Added play key command to config
    • Added external player capability for podcasts
    • Added external player to config
  • Migrated to cbind for controlling key events
  • Migrated to go-toml from unmaintained toml library
  • Migrated commands for list/subscription/favorite to key commands
  • Merged models into db
  • Updated man pages and internal help page
  • Makefile enhancements for check command
  • Multiple performance fixes for update
  • Fixed scrolling on help page
  • Fix navigation keys to use native cview navigation
  • Removed help section from config


  • Add Automatic Updates and update config
  • Update now runs using a goroutine, no longer is it blocking


  • Added ability to create directory for config and database if it does not exist

#[0.1.1] - 2020-07-27


- Change from config and database directories set at compile time, to use 
  default hardcoded folders with environment variable overrides

#[0.1.0] - 2020-07-27


  • Implemented Makefile
  • Implemented list page
  • Implemented config file
  • Implemented database


  • Implemented man pages
  • Resolved multiple bugs