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@@ 5,35 5,27 @@ disable rss
template index
barefeed is a BARE-based format that allows for easy portability of rss and 
atom feeds.
atom feeds.  A barefeed file is an archived directory of subdirectories of each
feed and it's entries.

Note: this schema is still subject to change.

The following is the currently defined schema:
type Timestamp i64

enum FeedType {

enum TextType {
type Time string

type Text {
	textType: TextType
	textType: string
	value: string

type Link {
	url: string
	linkType: string
	rel: string
	length: i64
	href: string
	rel: optional<string?
	linkType: optional<string>
	lang: optional<string>
	title: optional<string>
	length: optional<string>

type Person {

@@ 42,40 34,33 @@ type Person {
	uri: optional<string>

type FeedV1 {
	path: string
	id: string
	generator: optional<string>
	feedType: FeedType
type Entry {
	feedID: string
	entryID: string
	read: bool
	liked: bool
	title: Text
	updated: Timestamp
	description: optional<Text>
	entries: []string
	content: Text
	updated: Time
	published: optional<Time>
	authors: []Person
	links: []Link

type EntryV1 {
type Feed {
	feedPath: string
	id: string
	feedID: string
	title: Text
	content: Text
	published: Timestamp
	updated: Timestamp
	updated: Time
	authors: []Person
	links: []Link

type Feed (FeedV1)
type Entry (EntryV1)
type Content (Feed | Entry)

type Message {
	created: Timestamp
type Barefeed {
	generator: string
	feeds: map[string]Feed
	entries: map[string]Entry
	unread: map[string]i64
	favorite: map[string]Timestamp
	content: Content