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update css and images
4 files changed, 33 insertions(+), 26 deletions(-)

M public/about.html
M public/ff.html
M public/style.css
M scripts/process.sh
M public/about.html => public/about.html +1 -1
@@ 10,7 10,7 @@
		<div class="navbar">
			<a href="index.html">Home</a>
			<a href="about.html">About</a>
			<a href="projects.html">Projects</a>
			<a href="https://1010labs.org/~chin123">Labs</a>
			<a href="feed.xml">RSS</a>
		<h1> Chinmaya Mahesh</h1>

M public/ff.html => public/ff.html +1 -1
@@ 24,7 24,7 @@
		<h2> Look and Feel </h2>
		<p> First off, this is what my Firefox setup looks like:<br>
		<img src="img/ff.png"></img>
		<img src="img/ff.webp"></img>
		Right off, you can notice a few obvious things. The most obvious one is that the tab list is not on the top, but rather to the left. Removing the default tab bar was pretty simple with a declaration in userChrome.css (<a href="https://i.redd.it/v7lkiqannojz.png">useful guide</a> on how to do so by /u/DylanBoss, and the <a href="https://www.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/736cji/how_to_hide_native_tabs_in_firefox_57_tree_style/">specific rules</a> you have to add). The addon used for the vertical tree like tab structure is called <a href="https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tree-style-tab/">Tree Style Tab</a>, which I'll talk about later. The second thing is that there is no searchbar, but that was pretty useless in the first place as you can just search from the normal url bar.
		<p> Another thing different from the default firefox config is the dark theme. This can be set from the Firefox <em>Customize...</em> option in the menu, along with setting a dark gtk theme (mine is arc-dark).</p>

M public/style.css => public/style.css +1 -1
@@ 4,7 4,7 @@ body {
	max-width: 80%;
	margin-right: auto;
	margin-left: auto;
	font-family: sans;
	font-family: sans-serif;

.navbar a {

M scripts/process.sh => scripts/process.sh +30 -23
@@ 1,24 1,31 @@
printf "making backup...\n"
cp $1 $1.old
mkdir img
cp ../img/gladtex.cache img/
printf "converting code...\n"
sed -e 's/<code>\(.*\)<\/code>/highlight -O html --style=molokai --syntax python --inline-css -a -l < \1 | head -n -3 | tail -n +8/e' < $1 > temp.html
mv temp.html $1
printf "converting latex...\n"
mv $1 $1.htex
gladtex -t -b FFFFFF -r 1000 -d img $1.htex
cd img
mogrify -format bmp -colors 2 +dither -type bilevel *.png
rm *.png
potrace -s -- *.bmp
rm *.bmp
cd ..
sed -e 's/eqn\([0-9]*\).png/eqn\1.svg/g' < $1 > temp.html
cp temp.html $1
rm $1.htex
rm temp.html
cp img/*.svg ../img/
cp img/gladtex.cache ../img/
rm -rf img/
#printf "making backup...\n"
#cp $1 $1.old
#mkdir img
#cp ../img/gladtex.cache img/
#printf "converting code...\n"
#sed -e 's/<code>\(.*\)<\/code>/highlight -O html --style=molokai --syntax python --inline-css -a -l < \1 | head -n -3 | tail -n +8/e' < $1 > temp.html
#mv temp.html $1
#printf "converting latex...\n"
#mv $1 $1.htex
#gladtex -t -b FFFFFF -r 1000 -d img $1.htex
#cd img
#mogrify -format bmp -colors 2 +dither -type bilevel *.png
#rm *.png
#potrace -s -- *.bmp
#rm *.bmp
#cd ..
#sed -e 's/eqn\([0-9]*\).png/eqn\1.svg/g' < $1 > temp.html
#cp temp.html $1
#rm $1.htex
#rm temp.html
#cp img/*.svg ../img/
#cp img/gladtex.cache ../img/
#rm -rf img/

awk -f mawkdown.awk test.md | grep -zo "<code>.*</code>" | while read -r line ; do
	echo "processing $line"

#| head -n -1 | tail -n -1 | highlight -O html --style=molokai --syntax python --inline-css -a -l | head -n -3 | tail -n +8