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#New Origin


Origin is a simple monitoring and alert server, based on ZeroMQ and JSON messaging, making it extremely portable and easy to use.

This is a WIP rewrite of the original Python implementation in C99.

#How it works

The server exposes two ports, a registration port and a measurement port. To begin logging a new data source, a registration packet is sent to the monitoring server registration port describing the data that will be logged. The server creates a new stream entry based on the registration information. Then the device can send data to the server for logging to the measurement port, where it is automatically entered into the database.

The alert server ...


#Included dependencies

These are dependencies that have been copied from other projects

Please do not contact these projects about bugs in the code from this repo, but do support the work that they have done.

#Test dependencies

This repo includes test script(s) for tesing. To run these tests, the following dependencies must be met:

  • Python 3
  • pyzmq


This repository is licensed under the MIT permissive software license. Please refer to LICENSE for details.