A series of redo build scripts for turning folders of images into PDF and EPUB
Sets pandoc as default
Fixes spaces in folder names in clean breaking things
Makes clean work again


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#Images to Docs

Some "generic enough" redo scripts for taking folders of ordered images and packing them into epub and pdf formats.


  • docker or pandoc
  • some files to pack
  • understanding of POSIX sh


Given a folder of folders with each lower folder containing one or more images, copy the contents of chapters from this repository into each lower folder using the following command:

cp /path/to/repo/images-to-docs/chapters/*.do /path/to/folder/*

Then copy the top level scripts to the upper directory, so the resulting .do files are siblings to the lower folders:

cp /path/to/repo/images-to-docs/*.do /path/to/folder/

Then run a redo command to builds the images. It's recommended to use a -j flag to parallelize the builds.