Madison, WI




Mage the Awakening spellcasting helper scripts written in Forth


A reimplementation of MehDB in Go


WIP: A simple, minimal writes circular buffer


A flash-friendly ringbuffer


A simple Logseq graph manager


Playing with the Forth Language


A simple incrementor. Fork of ~lunabee/incr


A simple decrementor


MarkDown Renderer for the terminal


A declarative implementation of the BARE message format for Python


An embeddable messaging service for scientific data


A TLS-only IRCv3 Bouncer -- Forked from https://git.causal.agency/pounce/


a curses, TLS-only IRC client. Forked from https://git.causal.agency/catgirl/


A series of redo build scripts for turning folders of images into PDF and EPUB


a cli interface to paste.sr.ht