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If you've given ftpmusync a try, let me know what systems were used, what
worked, and what didn't.

# Roadmap

* More performant FTP wrapper

	* Currently, every FTP command is executed in a new FTP session, this
	  can be very slow. The FTP wrapper should be modified to allow an
	  existing session to be re-used if one is available.


	* A GUI frontend could be added relatively easily, as ftpmusync
	  is already written as a library with a CLI front-end; a GUI could
	  hook the same functions with minimal changes.

* The `net` module could be updated to only import `netifaces` if scanning
  is requested, which would allow ftpmusync to work with only the Python
  standard library in cases where scanning is not required.

* Other methods for determining if a remote file needs updated besides just

* Ability to synchronize playlist files updated on the device back to the host.

* Automated path-normalization for m3u playlist files.