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This folder contains small to medium sized utilities that don't warrant their own repository, but might be to complex for a single file (e.g. needing tests). This is ostensibly why I made charles-util, but it's extra effort to maintain this sort of thing in a separate repository.

To install: BIN_DIR=/where/binaries/should/go ./install.sh

To test: TEST=YES ./install.sh

To clean: CLEAN=YES ./install.sh

Each sub-directory contains one utility, and must contain an install.sh, which should install binaries into the BIN_DIR environment variable. Each sub-directory may contain a test.sh which should exit 0 only if all tests passed. Each sub-directory may contain a clean.sh which should clean any build artifacts.


  • zettle: manage a library of Zettelkasten
  • disavow: detach a command from the terminal
  • query-webpage: run XPath queries against webpages
  • url2bib: generate BibTeX files from URLs by parsing web content