run cwm in a loop
ostensibly fix gvim window repositioning
fix qlm on desktop

qlm now gracefully handles cases where there is no wifi adapter and/or
no battery
prevent xsession-errors from growing too large
switch to Go Mono
add vim-markdown plugin
try using source code pro for xterm for a while
use source code pro for gvim
go should be 8 spaces hard tabs
Add fyne settings
add /opt/plan9 to profile
that's enough of that
giving PowerShell a try for a while
disable easytag

Keeps throwing syntax errors, can't figure out how to get it to shut up.
update mimassoc for focal
fix syntax error
enable sixel support in xterm by default
fix xdle in dpmsman
explicitly drop pkill errors

Why is Tk on Ubuntu throwing these errors? Why does ignorestderr not
work? Why does this only happen on Ubuntu? These are the mysteries of
the universe.
please stop being helpful exec