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#Announcing OpenChariot

I am excited today to announce the very first release of my latest side project: OpenChariot!

OpenChariot is a tool for self-hosting a set of services to make developing software easier. At present, these services include:

  • git repository browser (via git-arr).
  • bug tracker (via BugsEverywhere).
  • git statistics viewer (via gitstats).
  • documentation builder, for calling into your build system, building your docs (eg. via Sphinx), and serving them via OpenChariot

Each of these services produces static HTML and CSS files which are placed in the desired www directory for serving. Consequentially, OpenChariot produces an entirely static web interface. Further services will likely be added in the future as the project matures. OpenChariot is intended to run on an existing server with git and webserver available.

Although starting today, I will be migrating my personal projects to OpenChariot and hosting them here on cdaniels.net, you should consider this project to be of alpha level quality - this release is the minimum viable set of functionality that provides value in the context of the project.

In the coming weeks, I will be adding further refinement, more features, and better documentation to OpenChariot, so keep an eye on the repo!

To check out OpenChariot now, click this link .

For those interested, keep reading for a brief tour of OpenChariot as it stands with today's release. In addition to the screenshots here, you can also interact with the OpenChariot installation on cdaniels.net by navigating to my "projects" page, or by clicking this link.

#Project Index

OpenChariot can generate a project index which links to the other static pages it generates for each project. Although only one project is shown, arbitrarily many projects can appear on the project index.

#Bug Tracker

BugsEverywhere is used to for bug tracking.

#Project Statistics

Git repo statistics are generated using gitstats.

#Repository Browser

A repository browser is provided via git-arr.