fix escape codes

(thanks Josh!)
add a signal-safe example to sigusr post
finalize SIGUSR1
fix broken newlines
add siguser draft
switch back to ssg3, since ssg5 breaks the site
update to ssg5
add headalyzer to projects
Explicitly generate output files with gcc -o

Thanks James!
improve compatibility with updated lowdown version
fix rss, remove some links from the index

The linked posts aren't going away, but I think that they are either not
up to snuff in terms of quality, or are just no longer relevant. So I'm
removing them from the main site index. Deep links to those articles
will continue to be retained.
fix some formatting in Make guide
I accidentally a #
unbreak code block formatting
fix section headers in make guide
alternate email format
added tcl slides
tidy up ASAP pub
add ASAP to publications