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* *Definable variables*
* *Math constants (E PI ...)*
* *Built in math functions (sin/cos/sqrt ...)*

<h3 class=navhdr id="eggx">
	eggx - a graphics library created to achieve extreme simplicity
	<a href=#eggx class=navhandle>ΒΆ </a>

[project page](https://www.ir.isas.jaxa.jp/~cyamauch/eggx_procall/)

*EGGX/ProCALL is an X11 graphics library for C and FORTRAN created to achieve
extreme simplicity. It's available also on C++. You can enjoy 2D graphics
easily on the X Window System by using good old BASIC style drawing functions.
Out of our desire to deliver simple usability and the fun that we have had when
using BASIC in the age of the 8-bit machine to whomever starts to learn
programming, we have created this library mainly for basic programming
education. Since it ensures enough drawing speed on 10-year-old PCs, it can
deal tasks like creating an animation or creating a simple game.*

*Furthermore, this library provides a powerful solution to the visualization of
numerical calculation. What sets this library from other common visualization
tools is that it can call drawing functions (subroutines) for X11 from a
calculation code directly. Generally, complicated implementation is necessary
to grasp the progress of the calculation in time-consuming simulation. However,
you can provide a link using this library without any worries because it is an
easy-to-implement, very lightweight and compact library that does not consume a
lot of memory.*

*EGGX/ProCALL uses only Xlib for X11 libraries. Therefore, it can be installed
easily in any UNIX environment (even Cygwin).*