Browse directories and select files with dmenu
Improve xdotool usage
Add missing full stop
Stop shellcheck from complaining



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pathmenu is a purely POSIX shell script that allows the user to browse the filesystem and select files with dmenu(1).

As in the example below, the -c command option makes it possible to use something else like fzf(1) or rofi(1) as a drop-in replacement for dmenu.

pathmenu -c 'fzf --prompt "$PWD/"'


make install

Optionally specify a prefix; for example:

make PREFIX=~/.local install


See pathmenu(1) and the example scripts in examples/*.

Hint: When using dmenu(1), partial matches can be ‘selected’ explicitly (i.e. without completing them) using Shift + Return; this is useful for selecting a non-existent file whose name is a substring of an existing file.


  • [ ] Reimplement dicemenu in safe POSIX sh