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Tiny Gemini browser written in POSIX-compliant shell.


  • POSIX shell and command utilities
  • openssl
  • less
  • fzf


Install for all users (as root):

make install

Install for this user only:

make PREFIX=~/.local install


See gmi(1).

#Known issues

  • When visiting files on disk, relative references will not necessarily work properly. This is because these links are (erroneously) followed relative to the directory we are in rather than that of the file itself.
  • The ‘Reload’ option does not work properly when visiting a Gemini page whose URI was given on the command-line without the ‘gemini://’ scheme prefix. Simply prepending the scheme after the fact is not a correct solution because it looks like it could be a relative link anyway. One potential solution to this is to make the scheme mandatory, which would also make some other aspects of the program implementation simpler.
  • Arguably a feature but the ‘Back’ button only remembers the last resource you visited, even if you came ‘Back’ from that resource. So you cannot always return where you started by repeatedly going ‘Back’ -- instead you’ll just toggle back and forth between two resources.
  • Dot (.) and dot-dot (..) segments in links are not (yet) resolved. Some Gemini servers will resolve it for you (e.g. Agate I believe). Others are less lenient.