Rename example bookmark
gmi2md: Don’t interpret links in preformatted text
Remove to-do item regarding Gemini capsule for gmi
Fix Awk regex and remove some whitespace

* Escaped the backslash that escapes the asterisk
* Removed some whitespace to fit this in 80 characters
Italicise preformatted text instead of indenting

This is so that preformatted blocks of text -- code, ASCII art, or
whatever -- can occupy the full width of the terminal.
gmi is now documented on Gemini!

See gemini://cosine.blue/gmi/
Collapse paragraphs into long lines; use em dash
Remove to-do regarding inline styling

Is this even part of the spec?
Add gmi project home page to bookmark examples
Print list items with bullet characters
Copy $AWK_GEMTEXT into contrib/gemtext.awk
Improve AWK_GEMTEXT and show fzf in colour
Collapse some openssl options onto one line
Fix bug where “canonicalise /” set path to “//”
Rename component variable to segment
Replace use of cat with shell redirection
Strip trailing spaces from MIME media type meta
Specify only the path for the Reload option