Expand tabs in stow program source code
Prefer Noto Mono over Source Code Pro
Replace kill-this-buffer with kill-current-buffer
Change VISUAL and EDITOR from ed back to vi

We had a good run.
Add desktop entry for emacsclient
Use newer version of project.el
Update cursor-type for view-mode

Necessary at least for ‘dired-view-file’ and perhaps other ways of
starting view-mode.
Hide details when starting dired
Increase cursor thickness for sp5
Rebase by default when pulling
Use hl-line-mode with grep-mode
Hide tab bar when there is only one tab
Show ANSI escape sequences in less
set-cursor-type need not be interactive
Show read-only-, overwrite-mode with cursor shape
Remove Esperantaj klavoj
Configure smtpmail with migadu
newsboat: Use plain colorscheme
Allow scrolling during incremental search