Reword kakoune-interactively description
Remove build manifest

Issues with cmark version mismatch
Publish vanilla-emacs (Emacs Keeps Surprising Me)
Pass --unsafe to cmark
Reword portrait alt text
Fix viewport meta tag
Reword accessibility paragraph, linking to WCAG
Fix template

The main content of the article was being funnelled into this header
element somehow.  I only noticed this when I saw the ‘header table’
style erroneously being applied to a table in an article.
Update description and date for the IPA article
Write more for the IPA article and add cover photo
Replace triple dashes with actual m-dash chars
Remove inappropriate markup from description meta
Change permalink for IPA article
Writing and reflowing of source text
Refine IPA article
Reword IPA article
Expand IPA article
Start writing about IPA
Add note about plaintext and HTML email

Also correct ‘emails’ to ‘email’ throughout.