Rename photos more descriptively and in lowercase
Reword opening paragraph for the gallery
Capitalise reference to page title
Add Makefile for convenience
Add imagemagick to debian build spec
Add photo gallery

Imagemagick’s convert(1) command is now required to build the site in
order to generate the thumbnails.

Use the photos-import script to import new photos into the repo.  They
will be resized and added to the gallery.  Example usage:

    contrib/photos-import ~/Pictures/*
Satisfy missing reference link
Add a link to my email at the end
Write a bit more on password managers
Add link to my YouTube channel
Publish emacs-with-package
Add trailing slashes to self-closing tags
Use echo instead of printf
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Reword section on Tor Browser
Collapse reference link definition
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Verify with Mastodon
Fix Sourcehut log URLs

Seems like Sourcehut changed these URLs