Provide a canonical path for each page
Add “Skip to content” link
Cite uBlock Origin works best on Firefox
Import photos of diego, merle and Al bar end plug
css: Make header links for prominent
Reorganise navigation links
Use h1 instead of h2 for posts page body title
Add projects page with gmi, pathmenu, kak plugins
Say "free" file formats instead of "open"

I didn’t know this until now, but it seems like the two are different
in subtle but important ways:

Both kinds of file format may be used and implemented by anyone.
However, open formats may be encumbered by copyright, patents or
trademarks whereas free formats must not.
Recommend LibreOffice
Recommend Anki, GIMP, Inkscape
Add criteria for recommending software
Rename photos more descriptively and in lowercase
Reword opening paragraph for the gallery
Capitalise reference to page title
Add Makefile for convenience
Add imagemagick to debian build spec
Add photo gallery

Imagemagick’s convert(1) command is now required to build the site in
order to generate the thumbnails.

Use the photos-import script to import new photos into the repo.  They
will be resized and added to the gallery.  Example usage:

    contrib/photos-import ~/Pictures/*