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@@ 25,6 25,9 @@ including letters, numbers and punctuation.  Anything shorter than 8
can be cracked in milliseconds, and even passwords longer than 20
characters can be vulnerable to dictionary attacks.

You’ll need a way to keep track of all those immemorable passwords,
which is exactly what a password manager is for.

<small>I advise against using password managers that are built
directly into your web browser since that restricts your choice of web
browsers going forward.</small>

@@ 48,7 51,8 @@ passwords may forever be lost.

[Bitwarden] is a free/libre password manager suitable for computer
users both novice and experienced.  There are clients available for
all major web browsers and operating systems, desktop and mobile.
all major web browsers and operating systems, desktop and mobile that
can automatically fill out login forms for you.

All your data is encrypted and stored securely on a remote server
where you can’t lose it.  Just don’t forget your master password!