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- [Recommended Hardware And Software](/recommended.html)
- [Projects](/projects.html)
- [Photos](/photos.html)

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## [gmi]

![Two terminal windows showing gmi in action](/gmi.png "Demonstration of gmi")

Tiny [Gemini] browser written in POSIX shell.  MIT License.

 [gmi]: https://sr.ht/~chambln/gmi
 [gemini]: https://gemini.circumlunar.space/

## [pathmenu]


Browse directories and select files with [dmenu].  MIT License.

 [pathmenu]: https://sr.ht/~chambln/pathmenu
 [dmenu]: https://tools.suckless.org/dmenu/

## Kakoune plugins


Plugins I made for the [Kakoune] text editor.  They are written using
Kakoune’s own <abbrev title="Domain-specific language">DSL</abbrev>
which largely makes use of POSIX shell.

-   [kakoune-readline] &mdash; emulates [GNU Readline] keyboard
    mappings (MIT License)
-   [kakoune-smart-quotes] &mdash; converts 'straight' "quotes" to
    ‘curly’ “quotes” as you type (MIT License)
-   [kakoune-interactively] &mdash; Makes some commands more friendly
    and interactive (Unlicense License)

 [Kakoune]: https://kakoune.org
 [kakoune-readline]: https://github.com/chambln/kakoune-readline/
 [GNU Readline]: http://www.gnu.org/software/readline/
 [kakoune-kit]: https://github.com/chambln/kakoune-kit/
 [kakoune-smart-quotes]: https://github.com/chambln/kakoune-smart-quotes/
 [kakoune-interactively]: https://github.com/chambln/kakoune-interactively