Ergonomic keyboard layout influenced by Colemak DH & Workman
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Ergonomic keyboard layout.

Q W D R F  J L U P ;
A S T H G  Y N E O I
Z X C V B  K M , . /


The design of ASTH-NEOI was influenced primarily by QWERTY, Colemak DH and Workman.

Key positions shared with Colemak DH:

Q W        J L U   ;
A       G    N E
Z X C      K   , . /

Key positions shared with Workman:

Q          J   U P ;
A S     G  Y N E O I
Z X        K   , . /

One distinguishing feature of ASTH-NEOI is that it strongly favours inward rolling (and to a lesser extent outward rolling) of some of the most common English bigrams and trigrams, even where it is necessary to shift the hand position slightly.

Resemblance to QWERTY was a secondary priority, preserving familiar shortcut keys and making it easier to learn. Unlike Colemak DH and Workman, ASTH-NEOI retains QWERTY's R, V, B and M positions.

Key positions shared with QWERTY:

Q W   R
A S     G
Z X C V B    M , . /