Revert "Relicense under GNU General Public License"

This reverts commit ef2ffc449fcecefb93f3db2608c8452f92ecd0e3.
svctl: use signal name instead of numbers
svctl kill: send USR1 signal instead of KILL signal
sysmgr: add deprecation notice
README: update
Makefile: add checkprocess
.gitignore: add checkprocess
sysmgr-needs: use basename() for usage
README: update
checkprocess: add simple C utility to check processes
checkprocess(): Don't die on permission errors
{sysmgr-needs,util}.c: change C style
sysmgr: add -- to all rm calls
svctl: do not just remove the directory, check if running
svctl: allow empty pid returns
checkprocess(): return if there is no pid given
getpid(): unset pid each time it is called.
sysmgr: proper in-function variable calls
delete trailing whitespace