bump to 0.1.1
proc.c: No need to print error, pid file might not be there
Makefile: print configuration options
runsyssv/svctl/sysmgr-depends.c: add license headers
sysmgr: print variables on usage
sysmgr.c: forgot to remove those printf calls
svctl: fix return statuses.
io.c: remove unused function
sysmgr: initial release
README: update
Makefile: add version information to manual pages
sysmgr: add manual pages
runsyssv/svctl/sysmgr-depends.c: deal with unused variables
svctl: do not exit during 'status' call when service is down.
svctl: remove unused variable
config.def.h: reorder directories
gitignore: add sysmgr-depends
add version to usage outputs
sysmgr-depends: add program to track dependencies