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Merged in jaesivsm/pyaggr3g470r (pull request #22)

Fix on the http crawler
2 files changed, 33 insertions(+), 37 deletions(-)

M pyaggr3g470r/controllers/feed.py
M pyaggr3g470r/lib/crawler.py
M pyaggr3g470r/controllers/feed.py => pyaggr3g470r/controllers/feed.py +1 -1
@@ 41,7 41,7 @@ class FeedController(AbstractController):
        return [feed for feed in self.read(
                            error_count__lt=max_error, enabled=True,

    def list_fetchable(self, max_error=DEFAULT_MAX_ERROR, limit=DEFAULT_LIMIT,

M pyaggr3g470r/lib/crawler.py => pyaggr3g470r/lib/crawler.py +32 -36
@@ 32,22 32,14 @@ API_ROOT = "api/v2.0/"

class AbstractCrawler:
    __session__ = None

    def __init__(self, auth):
    def __init__(self, auth, pool=None, session=None):
        self.auth = auth
        self.session = self.get_session()
        self.pool = pool or ThreadPoolExecutor(max_workers=conf.NB_WORKER)
        self.session = session or FuturesSession(executor=self.pool)
        self.session.verify = False
        self.url = conf.PLATFORM_URL

    def get_session(cls):
        """methods that allows us to treat session as a singleton"""
        if cls.__session__ is None:
            cls.__session__ = FuturesSession(
            cls.__session__.verify = False
        return cls.__session__

    def query_pyagg(self, method, urn, data=None):
        """A wrapper for internal call, method should be ones you can find
        on requests (header, post, get, options, ...), urn the distant

@@ 62,34 54,31 @@ class AbstractCrawler:
                      headers={'Content-Type': 'application/json',
                               'User-Agent': 'pyaggr3g470r'})

    def wait(cls, max_wait=300, checks=5, wait_for=2):
        "See count_on_me, that method will just wait for the counter to be 0"
    def wait(self, max_wait=300, checks=5, wait_for=2):
        checked, second_waited = 0, 0
        checked = 0
        while True:
            second_waited += wait_for
            if second_waited > max_wait:
                logger.warn('Exiting after %d seconds, counter at %d',
                            max_wait, len(cls.__counter__))
                logger.warn('Exiting after %d seconds', second_waited)
            if cls.get_session().executor._work_queue.queue:
            if self.pool._work_queue.qsize():
                checked = 0
            checked += 1
            if checked == checks:

class PyAggUpdater(AbstractCrawler):

    def __init__(self, feed, entries, headers, parsed_feed, auth):
    def __init__(self, feed, entries, headers, parsed_feed,
                 auth, pool=None, session=None):
        self.feed = feed
        self.entries = entries
        self.headers = headers
        self.parsed_feed = parsed_feed
        super().__init__(auth, pool, session)

    def callback(self, response):
        """Will process the result from the challenge, creating missing article

@@ 132,21 121,25 @@ class PyAggUpdater(AbstractCrawler):
            up_feed['last_retrieved'] \
                    = (datetime.now() - timedelta(minutes=45)).isoformat()

        if any([up_feed[key] != self.feed.get(key) for key in up_feed]):
            logger.warn('%r %r - pushing feed attrs %r',
                    self.feed['id'], self.feed['title'],
                    {key: "%s -> %s" % (up_feed[key], self.feed.get(key))
                     for key in up_feed if up_feed[key] != self.feed.get(key)})
        diff_keys = {key for key in up_feed
                     if up_feed[key] != self.feed.get(key)}
        if not diff_keys:
            return  # no change in the feed, no update
        if not article_created and diff_keys == {'last_modified', 'etag'}:
            return  # meaningless if no new article has been published
        logger.info('%r %r - pushing feed attrs %r',
                self.feed['id'], self.feed['title'],
                {key: "%s -> %s" % (up_feed[key], self.feed.get(key))
                 for key in up_feed if up_feed[key] != self.feed.get(key)})

            future = self.query_pyagg('put',
                    'feed/%d' % self.feed['id'], up_feed)
        future = self.query_pyagg('put', 'feed/%d' % self.feed['id'], up_feed)

class FeedCrawler(AbstractCrawler):

    def __init__(self, feed, auth):
    def __init__(self, feed, auth, pool=None, session=None):
        self.feed = feed
        super().__init__(auth, pool, session)

    def clean_feed(self):
        """Will reset the errors counters on a feed that have known errors"""

@@ 211,15 204,16 @@ class FeedCrawler(AbstractCrawler):
                     self.feed['id'], self.feed['title'], len(ids), ids)
        future = self.query_pyagg('get', 'articles/challenge', {'ids': ids})
        updater = PyAggUpdater(self.feed, entries, response.headers,
                               parsed_response, self.auth)
                               self.auth, self.pool, self.session)

class CrawlerScheduler(AbstractCrawler):

    def __init__(self, username, password):
    def __init__(self, username, password, pool=None, session=None):
        self.auth = (username, password)
        super(CrawlerScheduler, self).__init__(self.auth)
        super(CrawlerScheduler, self).__init__(self.auth, pool, session)

    def prepare_headers(self, feed):
        """For a known feed, will construct some header dictionnary"""

@@ 246,7 240,9 @@ class CrawlerScheduler(AbstractCrawler):
                         feed['id'], feed['title'])
            future = self.session.get(feed['link'],
            future.add_done_callback(FeedCrawler(feed, self.auth).callback)

            feed_crwlr = FeedCrawler(feed, self.auth, self.pool, self.session)

    def run(self, **kwargs):
        """entry point, will retreive feeds to be fetch