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#A simple Python news aggregator.


pyAggr3g470r is a news aggregator with a web interface based on CherryPy. Articles are stored in a MongoDB base.

A documentation is available here.


  • articles are stored in a MongoDB database (local or remote);
  • article searching;
  • e-mail notification;
  • export articles to HTML, EPUB, PDF or raw text;
  • favorite articles;
  • language detection;
  • share articles with Diaspora, Google +, Pinboard, Identi.ca, Digg, reddit, Scoopeo, and Blogmarks;
  • generation of QR codes with URLs of articles.


Software required

Python 3.3 is recommend for better performances with large collections.

Optional module

These modules are not required but enables more features:

  • guess_language and PyEnchant for the language detection;
  • lxml and Genshi;
  • Python Imaging Library for the generation of QR codes.

Not yet tested with Python 3.3. Anyway, if you want to install these modules:

$ sudo aptitude install python3.3-lxml python-genshi


If you want to backup your database:

$ su
$ /etc/init.d/mongodb stop
$ cp /var/lib/mongodb/pyaggr3g470r.* ~


If you wish and if you like pyAggr3g470r, you can donate via bitcoin. My bitcoin address: 1GVmhR9fbBeEh7rP1qNq76jWArDdDQ3otZ Thank you!


pyAggr3g470r is under GPLv3 license.


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