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#A simple Python news aggregator.


pyAggr3g470r is a news aggregator with a web interface based on CherryPy. Articles are stored in a MongoDB base.

A documentation is available here.


  • articles are stored in a MongoDB database (local or remote);
  • HTTP proxy support;
  • fast full-text indexing and searching thanks the Whoosh library;
  • e-mail notification;
  • export articles to HTML, EPUB, PDF or raw text;
  • favorite articles;
  • language detection;
  • share articles with Diaspora, Google +, Pinboard, Identi.ca, Digg, reddit, Scoopeo, and Blogmarks;
  • generation of QR codes with URLs of articles.


Software required

Python 3.3 is recommended (better performances with large collections).

Optional module

These modules are not required but enables more features:

  • guess_language and PyEnchant for the language detection;
  • lxml and Genshi for the generation of EPUB;
  • Pillow (friendly fork of Python Imaging Library) for the generation of QR codes.


If you want to backup your database:

$ su
$ /etc/init.d/mongodb stop
$ cp /var/lib/mongodb/pyaggr3g470r.* ~


If you wish and if you like pyAggr3g470r, you can donate via bitcoin 1GVmhR9fbBeEh7rP1qNq76jWArDdDQ3otZ. Thank you!


pyAggr3g470r is under GPLv3 license.


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