Updated CHANGELOG for the new release.
new: [categories] when creating or editing a category it is now possible to select feeds via a select multiple field.
updated JavaScript dependencies.
chg: [documentation] Updated screen shot of the home page.
chg: [views] sort categories by number of unread articles for each category
chg: [views] improved article view
chg: [views] removed delete article button from the home page.
removed a useless title in the README.
Removed Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml.
Updated URL of the project home page.
Bump jquery from 3.4.1 to 3.5.0.
Updated dependencies.
catch potential errors during creation of the first admin user.
Initialization of Flask-Migrate.
removed now useless copy of manager.py with Docker
added the FLASK_APP env variable in subprocess.Popen
Fetch the feeds in a new processus by taking into account the current virtual environment.