new [commands]: added fix_article_entry_id command.
chg: [JavaScript] Updated bootstrap-select
Updated feedparser
harmonize CRAWLER_RESOLVE_ARTICLE_URL configuration variable.
fixed navbar of the homepage for bootstrap_5.0.0-beta1
fix templates for Boostrap 5.0.0-beta1.
chg: [commands] delete_read_articles will delete only 5000 articles.
chg: [commands] delete_read_articles will also delete unread articles.
chg: [dependencies] Updated Python dependencies.
new: [commands] Added a function which deletes read articles retrieved since more than 5 days ago.
fix variable name in user.py/_fields_base_read
updated indexes
added missing import
uncomment Indexes
chg: [view] Articles are now ordered by date on the public users's stream page.
Updated JS dependencies.
updated Python dependencies.
added a command to disable inactive users (number of months given in parameter).
fixed deletion of inactive users. users are now deleted in a for loop on the result of the read method.
fix definition of the filter variable