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Preparing new 9.1.0 release.
Refactoring the backend.
Updated some strings in the user data management template.
Improved user management page.
Minor changes to the user data management page.
Various improvements for every views.
Updated management page.
The project is now using Poetry.
Added an option to not include dead feeds in the OPML export.
Improved the import/export functions for data liberation. It is now possible to export all feeds to OPML with ou without enabled and private feeds.
Add a button in order to provide to the user a way to export bookmarks with the new functionality.
Delete all bookmarks.
The export to HTML webzine functionality has been removed.
Updated translations.
Add a link to the list of categories.
Fixed merge conflicts.
major problems fixed.
Merge pull request #31 from jaesivsm/master

redoing UI
082bf39a — François Schmidts 5 years ago
Merge branch 'feature/categories'

close #22
close #23
600391ac — François Schmidts 5 years ago
moving 'expire_article' and improving its perf