ref: 0cd84bb3758d1500f8282f2dc28e38bc25e9fef5 newspipe/runserver.py -rwxr-xr-x 2.2 KiB
Updated URL of the project home page.
Migrate form Flask-Script to the built-in integration of the click command line interface of Flask.
Updated translations.
compile translations
Updated Python dependencies.
Added a tiny portion of black magic.
Refactoring the backend.
Merge branch 'master' of git.sr.ht:~cedric/newspipe
Renmoved some useless blank spaces.
bumped release number.
added a little black magic
Removed Flask-SSLify and Heroku default support.
The project is now using Poetry.
Removed tag cloud from the public feed page.
Merge branch 'master' of gitlab.com:newspipe/newspipe
Updated some links
Updated copyrights
Improved display of bookmark's tags. And fixed some remainings merge related bugs.
Removed prototype code for bookmarks from master branch.