new: [pre-commit] added pip-audit to .pre-commit-config.yaml file.
Updated Flask to version 2.2.2.
chg: [security] Updated moment to 2.29.4.
chg: [security] Updated lxml to 4.9.1.
Updated JavaScript dependencies.
Added pre-commit to dev packages.
added robots dot txt page.
updated moment.js
updated SQLAlchemy
fix: [security] Updated moment.js.
updated dependencies. !minor
chg: bumped version number and CHANGELOG.
chg: [dependencies] Updated Flask-Login
fix: [controllers] fixed an issue in the management of bookmark's tags.
chg: [style] improved style. !minor
chg: [dependecies] Updated SQLAlchemy.
chg: [dependencies] Updated Flask and Werkzeug.
added required dependencies for the build
changed build image to ubuntu/22.04.