fixed navbar-toggler
updated foreign_keys for bookmarfs in tag.py
various fixes concerning the management of the tags
only delete read article retrieved more than 60 days ago.
removed the requirements on the password for the UserForm
fixed name of protocol in the database URI configuration variable
updated Python dependencies.
updated bootstrap and various UI fixes
raise the minimum of characters of a password to 20
deleted read article (and not liked) that are retrieved since more than 15 days.
delete read articles retrieved since more than 15 days.
updated copyright years
fixed alert messages
various fixes in the JavaScript functions to mark an article as read/unread and faved/unfaved.
added new ix_articletag_aid index in article_tag
new [commands]: added fix_article_entry_id command.
chg: [JavaScript] Updated bootstrap-select
Updated feedparser
harmonize CRAWLER_RESOLVE_ARTICLE_URL configuration variable.
fixed navbar of the homepage for bootstrap_5.0.0-beta1