abd6d3f844f9c1f1f523f32728ee09731bc01728 — C├ędric Bonhomme 26 days ago 8da4415
added a command to delete a user with its id.
1 files changed, 11 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

M newspipe/commands.py
M newspipe/commands.py => newspipe/commands.py +11 -0
@@ 51,6 51,17 @@ def create_admin(nickname, password):

@click.option('--user-id', required=True, help='Id of the user to delete.')
def delete_user(user_id=None):
    "Delete the user with the id specified in the command line."
        user = UserController().delete(user_id)
        print("User {} deleted".format(user.nickname))
    except Exception as e:

@click.option('--user-id', default=None, help='Id of the user')
@click.option('--feed-id', default=None, help='If of the feed')