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Updated installation script.
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M docs/index.rst
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@@ 66,9 66,14 @@ Script of installation

.. code-block:: bash

    sudo aptitude install python3-feedparser python3-bs4
    sudo aptitude install python3-mako
    sudo aptitude install python3-pip
    # Installation of Python

    # Installation of Distribute and PIP

    # Core requirements for pyAggr3g470r
    sudo pip-3.3 install feedparser
    sudo pip-3.3 install beautifulsoup4
    sudo pip-3.3 install mako
    sudo pip-3.3 install pymongo
    # CherryPy, Minimalist Python Web Framework:
    wget wget  https://bitbucket.org/cherrypy/cherrypy/get/3.2.4.tar.gz

@@ 85,7 90,7 @@ Script of installation
    cd ..
    sudo rm -Rf guess_language/
    # PyEnchant, for the language detection
    sudo pip install pyenchant
    sudo pip-3.3 install pyenchant
    # Pillow, for the generation of QR Code
    sudo pip-3.3 install pillow
    # Finally, download pyAggr3g470r