Updated link to the home page of Freshermeat.
Updated dependencies.
removed old useless template
Removed use of deprecated werkzeug.generate_password_hash function
Reduces size of the banner picture.
Fixed merge conflict.
Updated README.
Fixed package.json file.
fix: wrong version number if package.json
Bump version number.
Bump version number.
chg: [views] do not lose data entered by the user in the project submission form when a duplicate project name is detected.
chg: [api] the endpoint project of the API now returns less data.
The Python modules PGPy and clamd are now useless.
Removed now useless checks which were used with the deprecated services feature.
Updated README.
fix: [migration] fixed a bug in the migration script to remove the services and requests
Updated JavaScript dependencies.
Removed the requirement for the version of Python.
Updated Python dependencies.