[gammastep] proper config file name
[aerc] HTML filter edits
[aerc] html filter: add test to see if 'socksify w3m' works
Add machine specific zoom config qutebrowser
[vimrc] disable checking of rust tests by default
[gitconfig] Remove libsecret credential helper
[gammastep] Remove brightness config
[gtk 3.0] Add cursor theme to settings
Merge branch 'home' of git.sr.ht:~cdv/dotfiles into home
[gammastep] Add config
[git] Use the gitconfig option for default branches
[sway] audio stop binding
[spotifyd] Add config.
[metis/sway] Start gpg-agent
[sway-config] Universalize lockscreen path
Add playerctl commands
[gitconfig] ignore .env files globally
[aerc config] Merge comments
[get-wttr] Fail with http error
Alacritty 0.5