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move to ninja and nix
3 files changed, 86 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

M .gitignore
A default.nix
A src/build.ninja
M .gitignore => .gitignore +1 -0
@@ 1,6 1,7 @@

A default.nix => default.nix +15 -0
@@ 0,0 1,15 @@
with import <nixpkgs> {};

stdenv.mkDerivation {
  name = "dbnsd";
  src = ./src;

  buildInputs = [ clang ninja ];

  buildPhase = "ninja";

  installPhase = ''
    mkdir -p $out/bin
    cp dbnsd $out/bin/

A src/build.ninja => src/build.ninja +70 -0
@@ 0,0 1,70 @@
# build.ninja
cc    = clang
cflags = -O2 -g3 -Wall -std=c11 
math = -lm

rule compile
 command = $cc $cflags -c $in -o $out

rule link
 command = $cc $in $math -lz -o $out

build act_comm.o: compile act_comm.c
build act_info.o: compile act_info.c
build act_move.o: compile act_move.c
build act_obj.o: compile act_obj.c
build act_wiz.o: compile act_wiz.c
build board.o: compile board.c
build boards.o: compile boards.c
build bounty.o: compile bounty.c
build build.o: compile build.c
build clans.o: compile clans.c
build colorize.o: compile colorize.c
build comm.o: compile comm.c
build comments.o: compile comments.c
build const.o: compile const.c
build db.o: compile db.c
build deity.o: compile deity.c
build editor.o: compile editor.c
build fight.o: compile fight.c
build finger.o: compile finger.c
build grub.o: compile grub.c
build handler.o: compile handler.c
build hashstr.o: compile hashstr.c
build hiscores.o: compile hiscores.c
build house.o: compile house.c
build ibuild.o: compile ibuild.c
build interp.o: compile interp.c
build magic.o: compile magic.c
build makeobjs.o: compile makeobjs.c
build mapout.o: compile mapout.c
build marry.o: compile marry.c
build misc.o: compile misc.c
build mpxset.o: compile mpxset.c
build mud_comm.o: compile mud_comm.c
build mud_prog.o: compile mud_prog.c
build new_fun.o: compile new_fun.c
build pfiles.o: compile pfiles.c
build planes.o: compile planes.c
build planet.o: compile planet.c
build player.o: compile player.c
build rare.o: compile rare.c
build requests.o: compile requests.c
build reset.o: compile reset.c
build save.o: compile save.c
build shops.o: compile shops.c
build skills.o: compile skills.c
build skills_android.o: compile skills_android.c
build skills_dbs.o: compile skills_dbs.c
build skills_genie.o: compile skills_genie.c
build space.o: compile space.c
build special.o: compile special.c
build stat_obj.o: compile stat_obj.c
build tables.o: compile tables.c
build update.o: compile update.c
build dns.o: compile dns.c
build sha256.o: compile sha256.c

build dbnsd: link act_comm.o act_info.o act_move.o act_obj.o act_wiz.o board.o boards.o bounty.o build.o clans.o colorize.o comm.o comments.o const.o db.o deity.o editor.o fight.o finger.o grub.o handler.o hashstr.o hiscores.o house.o ibuild.o interp.o magic.o makeobjs.o mapout.o marry.o misc.o mpxset.o mud_comm.o mud_prog.o new_fun.o pfiles.o planes.o planet.o player.o rare.o requests.o reset.o save.o shops.o skills.o skills_android.o skills_dbs.o skills_genie.o space.o special.o stat_obj.o tables.o update.o dns.o sha256.o

default dbnsd