v0.6.0 7 months ago

Version 0.6.0 - sixth release

OMAnalyser is a small project to transform the OOM message of a Linux
kernel into a more user-friendly format.

The current online version is available at

 * Fix memory calculation in summary section
 * Fix and rework calculation of GFP flags
 * Add GFP flags for more kernel releases
 * Display missing memory chunks (buddyinfo) again
 * Add analysis why the memory request failed
 * Add check for heavy memory fragmentation
 * Summary of the analysis revised
 * Show memory watermarks together will all details
 * Add support for kernel 6.0 and newer
 * Add new example ArchLinux, Kernel 6.1.1
 * Fix handling of line breaks in Mem-Info block
 * Add section for corrective actions (suggested by Mikko Rantalainen)
 * Bug fixes