6858d09eda7ce89953e70669d0c8e86dcbe767a5 — Carsten Grohmann 3 months ago e4629bf
Rename two variables to prevent shadowing

Shadowing isn't the problem here, but IDEs checker is complaining ...
1 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)

M OOMAnalyser.py
M OOMAnalyser.py => OOMAnalyser.py +5 -7
@@ 1363,16 1363,14 @@ Killed process 6576 (java) total-vm:33914892kB, anon-rss:20629004kB, file-rss:0k
        ps = self.oom_details['_ps']
        ps_index = self.oom_details['_ps_index']

        def getvalue(column_name, i):
            if column_name == 'pid':
                value = ps_index[i]
        def getvalue(column, pos):
            if column == 'pid':
                value = ps_index[pos]
                value = ps[ps_index[i]][column_name]

                value = ps[ps_index[pos]][column]
            # JS sorts alphanumeric by default, convert values explicit to integers to sort numerically
            if column_name not in ['name', 'notes'] and value is not js_undefined:
            if column not in ['name', 'notes'] and value is not js_undefined:
                value = int(value)

            return value

        # We set swapped to True so the loop looks runs at least once