Add sirula config
Improve vim mappings

- Use better capitalization
- Only enable LSP mappings in LSP buffers
- Use <Cmd> where possible
Add editorconfig plugin to nvim
Sort LSP keybindings
Remove nvim autocomplete and add LSP bindings
Move zsh history and compdump to ~/.cache
Add mkdir alias and sort aliases
Update firejail profiles
Remove binding_mode colors from sway config
Add orphans alias and rename password gen function
Use sway exec instead of systemd for udiskie
Use UTC for screenshot times
Fix .zshrc formatting
Switch to using start-sway script
Start udiskie using systemd
Improve pkgs alias
Remove unnecessary execs

xdg-desktop-portal* are started automatically
Save screenshots to screenshot folder
Improve pkgs alias
Menu improvements
Reorganize git config and enable gpg signing