sinit: fix old message
feh: add new package at 3.7
sxiv: add new package at 26
libexif: add new package at 0.6.22
iwd: bump to 1.16
m4: don't use alternatives system
mesa: bump to 21.1.6
poppler: bump to 21.08.0
neatvi: bump to 09
chezmoi: bump to 2.1.3
linux-headers: bump to 5.13.7
btrfs-progs: bump to 5.13.1
sdhcp: switch to http source
dhcpcd: fix checksums
xorg-server: bump to 1.20.13
xf86-video-amdgpu: bump to 21.0.0
nodejs: bump to 16.6.0
isync: bump to 1.4.3
hugo: bump to 0.86.1
add motd file