1.4.0-beta3 a month ago

Adolfo Santiago (11):
      Move observer to lambda
      Remove log from SearchActivity
      Format search views
      Update dependencies
      Format more code
      New compose status title icon (by K3V1NS4N)
      Clean RxAwareViewModel
      Update versions for API 33
      Update more dependencies
      Fix the Search functionality (by SekthDroid)
      Update HISTORY, fastlane changelog and versions

fruye (8):
      Show visibility icon and description for local posts
      Support sending posts with local visibility
      Add 'local' and 'direct' options to default post visibility setting
      Add editedAt field to Status and StatusViewData
      Status: Display indicators of edited posts
      Annotate edited posts in the Status description
      Cache info that post has been edited
      Make date converter null safe