1.0.2-beta3 2 days ago .tar.gz browse log

Adolfo Santiago (8):
      Fix NavigationActivity onCreate method
      Added String extension functions
      Added Boolean extension functions
      Create RegisteredViewModel for ViewModels with services
      LoginViewModel and verify URL at the LoginFragment
      Update deps: materialDrawer, Kotlin
      Enable minify and shrink resources in Release
      Changelog for Husky 1.0.2-beta3, update version

1.0.2-beta2 13 days ago .tar.gz browse log

Adolfo Santiago (15):
      Remove package suffix for the beta flavor
      Remove tracked file from .idea folder
      Fix build.gradle.kts
      Remove Spotless references
      Add fragmentviewbindingdelegate-kt library
      Init refactor
      Base classes
      Update deps.
      Revert libs. because Android 12
      Fix typo, update to Java 11
      Added support for ZWSP character for toots
      Refactor Splash (WIP)
      Fix nullability problems
      Changelog for 1.0.2-beta2, update version

1.0.2-beta1 13 days ago .tar.gz browse log

Adolfo Santiago (18):
      Init commit
      Moved the project to "husky"
      Migrated to Kotlin DSL
      Update README
      Fixed video player
      Update versionName and versionCode
      Return to spaces to indent the code
      Update dependencies
      Update license
      Enable Timber on debug
      Update dependencies
      Preview shows and hides the toot instead just showing it
      Changes on flavors
      Show video controls always at the bottom
      Update flavors
      Change debug text in menu
      Fix back button when no media is selected
      Add HISTORY file, changelog for 1.0.2-beta1