1.4.0-beta3 a month ago .tar.gz browse log

Adolfo Santiago (11):
      Move observer to lambda
      Remove log from SearchActivity
      Format search views
      Update dependencies
      Format more code
      New compose status title icon (by K3V1NS4N)
      Clean RxAwareViewModel
      Update versions for API 33
      Update more dependencies
      Fix the Search functionality (by SekthDroid)
      Update HISTORY, fastlane changelog and versions

fruye (8):
      Show visibility icon and description for local posts
      Support sending posts with local visibility
      Add 'local' and 'direct' options to default post visibility setting
      Add editedAt field to Status and StatusViewData
      Status: Display indicators of edited posts
      Annotate edited posts in the Status description
      Cache info that post has been edited
      Make date converter null safe

1.4.0-beta2 2 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Adolfo Santiago (21):
      MuteAccountDialog to ViewBinding
      Rename TuskyTileService to HuskyTileService
      Modify XML formatting options
      Rename class to fix unit testing
      Fix reporting URL in the README
      Update license header on TabData.kt
      Remove local Query param from Bubble endpoint
      Update crash handler preference string
      Update SplashActivity license header
      Do not expose the MastoApi directly
      ReportNoteFragment to ViewBinding
      SearchFragment to ViewBinding
      ViewMediaActivity to ViewBinding
      Rename app to Husky Beta when beta release
      TabPreferenceActivity to ViewBinding
      AccountListActivity to ViewBinding
      Update Gradle to 7.6
      Koin instead of Dagger
      Update license header of AppComponent
      Reorder modules
      Update HISTORY, fastlane changelog and version

Tristan Henderson (1):
      Add support for Akkoma bubble instance timeline

1.4.0-beta1 2 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Adolfo Santiago (29):
      Update indenting project rules
      Update deps.
      Rever core dep. update
      Groovy indents with spaces
      SplashActivity to ViewBinding
      SearchActivity to ViewBinding
      Revert "SplashActivity to ViewBinding"
      Added CI/CD integration
      Update dependencies
      Add no maintained notice
      Remove unmaintained note
      Update deps, API to 33
      Fix issues for updaing deps
      Fix tests because of Roboelectric update
      Fixed polls percentages
      Add Ktlint plugin
      Format instrumented tests
      Format unit tests
      Applied Ktlint
      Check linting on CI/CD
      Fix CI/CD manifest
      Remove comment
      AccountFieldAdapter to ViewBinding
      AccountFieldEditAdapter to ViewBinding
      Moved EditText extensions to its own class
      Create extension to verify null objects
      Rename TuskyApplication to HuskyApplication
      Update fastlane changelogs
      Update HISTORY and version

Karol Kosek (1):
      Treat internally Akkoma as a Pleroma server

1.3.1 5 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Adolfo Santiago (6):
      LicenseCard component to ViewBinding
      AboutActivity to ViewBinding
      Update deps.
      Fix a null username crashing bookmarks
      Update Fastlane changelogs
      Update HISTORY and version

1.3.0 5 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Adolfo Santiago (11):
      Update deps
      LicenseActivity to ViewBinding
      StatusListActivity to ViewBinding
      EditProfileActivity to ViewBinding
      Use the viewBinding extension
      Fix sharing stuff from other apps
      Use extensions for visibility at LoginActivity
      Remove some warnings
      MainActivity to ViewBinding
      Update deps
      Update HISTORY and version

mr64bit (1):
      Fix unit tests, bump Robolectric version

1.3.0-beta2 6 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Adolfo Santiago (4):
      Update dependencies
      Modify license headers
      Fix loading toots with conversation_id as String
      Update HISTORY and version

Hélène (2):
      EmojiReactionsAdapter: implement custom emoji reactions on messages
      NotificationsAdapter: implement custom emoji reacts

1.3.0-beta1 7 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Adolfo Santiago (24):
      Update version for API 31
      Remove srht CI/CD setup
      Fix instrumentation tests
      Migrate LoginActivity to ViewBinding
      Fix crash in SendTootService
      Add license notice to SendTootService
      Fix push notifications in Android 12
      Update .gitignore
      Remove ACRA
      Update to API 32 (Android 12 and 12L)
      Disable debug in release
      Fixed deprecated ExoPlayer
      Add custom CrashHandler
      Enable and disable CrashHandler
      Remove last activity from CrashHandler
      End the application when the crash happens
      Modify LICENSE header at AppModule.kt
      Remove forced crash
      Remove a possible race condition for nulls
      Change Lifecycle callback for open class
      Change ACRA strings
      Update deps
      Fix return checking for a null
      Update version and HISTORY

Gabriel Menini (1):
      Correction in Spanish string for 'status_booted_format'

Hélène (1):
      entity/Emoji: match MastoAPI docs on custom emoji reacts

1.2.2 8 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Adolfo Santiago (5):
      Fix animated emojis in composable views
      Attempt n.1 to fix the back action
      Attempt to fix the Preview behavior
      Update gradle
      Release 1.2.2

1.2.1 8 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Adolfo Santiago (3):
      Update dependencies
      Fix animated emojis
      Release 1.2.1

1.2.0 8 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Adolfo Santiago (6):
      Update README
      Hide username in Live Notifications push
      Remove kotlin-extensions from FilterActivity
      Fix creating filters
      Remove newHusky flavor
      Release 1.2.0
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