Changelog for Husky 1.0.2-beta3, update version
Enable minify and shrink resources in Release
Update deps: materialDrawer, Kotlin
LoginViewModel and verify URL at the LoginFragment
Create RegisteredViewModel for ViewModels with services
Added Boolean extension functions
Added String extension functions
Fix NavigationActivity onCreate method

Add Splash, Login classes (refactor)
Changelog for 1.0.2-beta2, update version
Fix nullability problems
Refactor Splash (WIP)
Added support for ZWSP character for toots

This adds support for adding a ZWSP character in toots for non-spaced
custom emojis.

This fixes https://git.mentality.rip/FWGS/Husky/issues/113.
Fix typo, update to Java 11
Revert libs. because Android 12
Add fragmentviewbindingdelegate-kt library
Remove Spotless references