The most famous Pleroma client for Android.
Fix back button when no media is selected
Change debug text in menu
Update flavors


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Husky is a fork of Tusky that aimed to support Pleroma's Mastodon API extensions and whatever could add value to the application.

#Main changes so far

  • Emoji reactions support.
  • Removed attachment limits for Pleroma.
  • Support for attaching anything on Pleroma.
  • Support for changing OAuth application name.
  • Markdown support with WYSIWYG editor.
  • Support for extended accounts fields, so you can see who is admin or moderator. on your instance.
  • Subscribing support to annoy you with incoming notification from every post. (upstreamed to Tusky).
  • Support for seen notifications to less annoy you.
  • "Reply to" feature that allows to jump to replied status, useful for hellthreading.
  • Bigger emojis!.
  • "Preview" feature on Pleroma.


Please take a look at Husky doc. to contribute to the project:

  • See Contributing to send emails and see the discussion about issues and new stuff in the project.
  • See Bug reports to report bugs and see TODOs.

Original tracker with issues is at git.mentality.rip/FWGS/Husky/issues. Issues to fix will be taken from there.


The current maintainer is captainepoch@stereophonic.space. The previous maintainer is a1batross@expired.mentality.rip.

The original app was developed by Vavassor@mastodon.social. Tusky's maintainer is ConnyDuck@chaos.social.