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The theme that generates my website. 100% free of JavaScript. It's based on simple-style.

You can look at the theme at adol.pw.


There is a config.toml example file in the root of the project.


This theme is provided with a comment.html where your preferred comment service should be added.

The comment section provided to the blog is powered by SourceHut mailist. If you want to use another, please be free to delete all the content inside of the block and use your preferred comment service.

Also, you may delete the srht_* configuration variables at the config.toml file and use yours.

#SourceHut mailist comments

To setup your public inbox link and the mailto link, you have to change the following values in the config.toml file:

  • srht_public_inbox: link to your public inbox (e.g. https://lists.sr.ht/~captainepoch/public_inbox).
  • srht_mail: link for sending the email (e.g. ~captainepoch/public_inbox@lists.sr.ht).
  • srht_subject: true or false. This will include, at the end, Re: {TITLE} (where {TITLE} it's your post's title) as a subject.

You can view this at any of my posts at adol.pw.