Web page for playing games that use a go board. Optional online functionality.
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#Go Board Web

A simple web page for playing games that use a Go board (Go, Gomoku/Renju, etc.). It doesn't do any scoring or determine if moves are legal, all you get is the ability to place black and white stones on a grid.

You can use it when:

  • You don't have a Go board but you do have a computer with a web browser
  • You want to play online with someone you know

For online play you must provide an http-string-store string, such as https://example.org/s/ABCD (where ABCD is the string ID). The board is updated from the online source every 5 seconds, which may overwrite local changes.

If you want you can use it at https://calcuode.com/go-board/.

Screenshot of the web page